final weeks / degree show preparations

Just a few days left before we are due to move out of our studios and into our allocated degree show spaces. After that up until hand-in, we'll be busy with painting our spaces and installing our work for the show.

Over the past week or so I've been working on finishing the Difeyth Vessels collection, making a series of drawings as support work for my paintings and also photographing final work ready for my degree show catalogue. 

Below is a photograph of some unfired glaze detail on the biggest vessel I’ve made yet. There is a lot of layering and texture on the surface of this one. I have been attempting to mimic the vocabulary I use in my paintings whilst glazing these final few pots which has been both successful and unsuccessful in the firings!

Every step of the ceramics process is somewhat down to chance and I've been really enjoying that - it's allowed me to be less precious about the work and just experiment a bit more.

The drawings I have been making reference the landscapes all the pigments from this collection of work have originated from: Bissoe, Trenoweth and Geevor. 

Alongside making a series of drawings and preparing my paintings for the show I have been photographing my work for my degree show catalogue. I picked up my final kiln load from Brickworks yesterday, leaving me with nine vessels for my degree show. I spent yesterday afternoon photographing them for the catalogue which has just got sent off to the printers ready for next week.