Artist Inspiration / Idea Development

Turning to other artists' work as a motivating force to create my own work is something that has always helped me. Even just elements - such as colour combinations or certain techniques used - can spark ideas in me. 

I stumbled across the work of Struan Teague on Instagram. Teague is primarily known as a print-maker, but his paintings are equally striking.

Teague's use of paint really interested me. The layers upon layers he uses makes me think of a jigsaw puzzle, piecing together shapes and tones until the page looks 'just right'. Teague's work has more muted colours than my own, which often ends up bright and heavily pigmented even when I'm trying to tone it down a bit, but the shape, form and structure of his pieces are very appealing to my eye.

I continued my exploration of the idea of using the coastal architecture as inspiration and building the blocks in layers until I was satisfied. These mock ups are serving as trial runs before I start attempting a bigger painting towards the end of this week.

So far, I'm one whole roll of masking tape down...

What I'm enjoying about these pieces of work is that they're so flexible. If I don't quite like a layer I just paint over it - removing the mistake - and the more layers I create the more complex the piece becomes. Using more muted tones, heavier-looking textures and rollers as opposed to brushes has also made me appreciate the form in my pieces more. It's less about the colour, more about composition.

Tomorrow I have a workshop all day and Wednesday is full of lectures and film screenings so I won't have another full painting day until Thursday. I'm excited to move these trials forward and work bigger...