Details / Monochrome / Print-Making Concepts

I mentioned in a previous journal update that I would like to start print-making this semester and focus in on the overlooked details and textures within my work. I wanted to make photographic etchings from the black and white imagery I took recently (below) of some of my paintings and works on paper. These detail photographs will act as a basis for the beginning of my print-making practice in this series of works, printing using an etching plate the shape of the houses that have ran throughout my varying media trials so far.

A small detail in a bigger picture, these sometimes overlooked jigsaw puzzle pieces that make up the larger work of art can be seen to represent a specific place, a route or a single location that holds a certain importance to an individual.

I spoke to my friend Chris the other day about my work.  I was explaining my intentions to connect this imagery I'm making with roads that connect places and how I've become obsessed with maps, journeys and places that hold an intimate connection to people. Something he mentioned in response to my work struck me:

“Sat in the back of the car going to my Grandparents in Chester. Always following the journey in my AA road atlas. Picking out, what to anyone else would be insignificant, markers on the journey. Like a run down red brick cottage or a field with a solitary pink blossom tree in it... All along the A41.”

To others, a journey taken may be insignificant, but to one person a specific place, object or location can become comforting. I want these marks made to represent this idea of an intimate and personal connection; an interrelation to journeys and places that individuals hold dear.

After my second printmaking induction yesterday morning, I have decided to postpone my etching trials and throw myself into screen-printing. My first initial thought was to use a 4-colour-separation screen-printing process to enlarge my recent collage pieces and transform them into a piece more substantial, with a greater impact on a viewer than their original sketchbook state.

However, after viewing some of the other students' work at the end of my screen-printing induction, the idea to create something new as opposed to just re-producing my collages came to fruition. Sitting on the bus home from uni, I scribbled down some of my ideas.

I wanted to try out photo-shopping my initial texture photographs together with elements of my collages, piecing together a composition that fused all components of my work together so far, in a visually appealing way that would suit the screen-printing process.

Although tempting to print all of my successful outcomes at once, my art materials budget doesn't quite allow for it, and so I narrowed my compositions down to two separate images that will sit well together when completed as large-scale screen-prints.