A New Space / A Fresh Perspective

I'm all moved into my new studio in the Lower Fine Art building and finally feeling settled. I've been trying a few new things in my first week in the space, which seemed fitting. A new space is a perfect opportunity to let those scribbles in my sketchbook become something more than just my indiscernible handwriting.

One thing I've done with this new mindset for the coming semester is SKETCHBOOK WORK. And, lo and behold, I've been loving it. I have been taking marks and translating them into some small collages, making paintings focusing on textures and tone and just generally playing around on a smaller scale. It felt weird at first, 'Trying to be a good art student and actually fill sketchbooks' - but I've got into the swing of things and it turns out that putting things down in sketchbooks can be rewarding. In fact, it can be fun too.

I have started a new sketchbook in which I am documenting my travels around the Cornish coast and making line drawings of my surroundings. I have no idea how these line drawings will come to intertwine into my practice just yet. However the process itself has encouraged me to do more drawing in general, which is something I have struggled with in the past. I've thoroughly enjoyed making time to do these, visually mapping my journey around Cornwall in this little sketchbook; capturing an essence of the place. A sense of feeling at home in the natural landscape.

My contextual research this semester will be critical as I plan to extend my work beyond my own personal journeys and focus on the places that other people also hold a connection to. I will be continuing my reading of Gaston Bachelard's 'The Poetics of Space' as it has been giving me a real insight into how individuals view spaces and places differently. Beyond that I am reading Katherine Harmann's 'The Map as Art' and will be looking to find new articles and books that explore the feeling of being at home in a place that isn't neccessarily a building or urban habitat, but a place in the natural landscape.

This week I am looking forward to exploring new processes of etching and monoprinting in the print room. Further re-purposing my old paintings turned collages, I will be creating a series of rock-faced shaped etchings, mimicking the crags and cliff faces I have observes on my travels of the Cornish coastline. In doing so, I am carrying forward that core concept of mapping 'traces' of places, but moving away from architecture and reinventing that concept into a more organic outcome.