Artist Study: Ky Anderson

I have been following the work of abstract artist Ky Anderson on Instagram for well over a year now, and since the developments in my own paintings, her work is more relevant than ever.

Ky Anderson is a New York based artist who works out of her Brooklyn studio making abstract paintings of layered shapes, forms, line and pastel coloured washes. In a recent artist statement, it is described that Anderson's line work "illustrates the visible and invisible connections between the weights, pulls, and supports of the landscape around us".

Anderson works on surfaces that vary from large canvases to paper that she has either bought or found.  “My canvas work can be more labored, and I tend to work on them for much longer than my paper work. By spending a few hours working on paper prior to working on my canvases, it helps me approach them with a looser hand.” — KY ANDERSON

When she works, Anderson thins down her paint with water to assorted levels of consistencies, which allows her to make work that is spontaneous and sometimes unpredictable. Pools of paint can collect on surfaces or drips can run down the paper or canvas. The works blur the line of abstract and representational painting; the work feels intuitive and personal but there is obvious subconscious imagery underlying each piece. Some may see figures, but for me, the work screams landscape; boulders, fields and sometimes aerial views of the earth.

Just one of the Instagram artists I follow who regularly posts her studio practice and inspires me daily, Anderson's work encourages me to continue with my more minimal work and to try my hand at playing with the consistency of paint.